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about us

We started Clover seven years ago out of a small shop in Westlake Village, Ca. with the intentions of being a transparent, super fast, detail oriented fabrication studio helping the best designers in the world create amazing interior spaces in retail, hospitality and residential. Within a year we began working with teams from Aesop, Tiffany & Co, American Apparel, Opening Ceremony, Tom’s, Calvin Klein, Caruso Affiliated, Theory, Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Conde Nast, James Perse, Outdoor Voices, Coach, Everlane, Commune, Clare V. and Gilt to name a few.  We grew so quickly that three years ago we had to move our entire team and equipment to a 20,000 SF space in Irvine, CA.


We were lucky to be in rooms with the most creative design teams in fashion during the start of what’s now known as Experiential Design. With the emergence of social media, environments had to look good on camera while being immersive, flexible, hip and financially successful. These projects had tiny budgets and super fast turnaround times. We had to maintain an aesthetic that was super luxe and trend setting. We were executing roughly 20+ projects like this per month for about three years, in which we produced all interior elements attached to the projects. 

last of the craftsman and the collaboration between three generations.

design  +  architectural design  + construction management  + millwork  + metal  +  signage  +  environmental graphics  +  finish carpentry  + installations

One of our greatest strengths is the collaboration our team experiences on a daily basis between three generations of employees. Our millwork fabrication lead is 83 years old and often times is working with 20-25 year old project coordinators, strategically planning techniques and approaches that best fits the project scope. He spends hours working with our Head of Residential/Fabrication, teaching her old world fundamentals and production techniques that not only help create these timeless pieces but quality pieces to last a lifetime. These techniques also produce sustainable outcomes by using the smallest amount of material needed to avoid waste and over-purchasing.

nonprofit collaboration with Our Own

As a company we’ve always felt it’s important to give back and help out in any way we can.  So when we were introduced to Our Own we knew it would be a great long-standing partnership.  Our Own is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to build and strengthen communities through consistent, life-changing experiences.  We are excited to partner with Our Own in creating a unique internship for the underserved community.  We have formed a 12 week internship program for a group of young Black women that will help them build their social skills, design knowledge, and beginning stages of project management. Each girl will participate in a collaborative art project to “Beautify Your Neighborhood”, where they will choose a location in their local neighborhood that they’d like to elevate aesthetically with a vision they have for their space through the use of materials (vinyl, wood, etc).