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stoney clover lane

From a small elevated kiosk with colorful counter displays to full store design build-outs in West Palm Beach, East Hampton, Manhattan and Newport Beach — it’s always special when you’ve helped brands create their retail environments from day one. 


The SCL Newport Beach project was really special for us, because not only was it in our own backyard, but this location mirrors the evolution the brand has moved towards. A transitional design between beach and modern was important to establish so that both teens and adults felt connected to the space. We’ve always believed that shopping for purses, bags and pouches had a similar energy to buying candy, so we’ve made sure to incorporate a ‘candy store’ light undertone for all the SCL locations. White oak, metals, corian and rounds help make the space more sophisticated, so that fun colors and decor remain elevated. 


For SCL projects, we take on the Design + Construction + Fabrication + Print + Signage. 


Newport Beach took (3) weeks to design, (4) weeks to fabricate all the interior elements and (2) weeks of construction and installation. 

Stoney Clover Lane1 WEB.jpg
Stoney Clover Lane2 WEB copy.jpg
Stoney Clover Lane3 WEB copy.jpg
Stoney Clover Lane4 WEB.jpg
Stoney Clover Lane5 WEB.jpg
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